Taking Black out of the Scale


“Painting has always been my refuge.
Lots of black, sadness and frustration accompanied my paintings. In one of my classes in college my art teacher asked me to take the black out of the scale. ‘You escape there too quickly, do without it’, he said. By challenging me he was, in essence, the first person who gave me the option to take the black out of my life. … For a whole year I painted in every spare moment, before and after work, on weekends and holidays – any free time was devoted to painting. At the beginning, the paintings were cynical. But gradually I opened up and allowed myself to dream. I let my subconscious speak, not the rationale…”
From an article on Salona” (04/12/2014):

Mirror | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In
The Bride | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
The Groom | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
39 | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
1974 | 80X80 cm | 31X31 In
Grace | 50X50 cm | 20X20 In
Even or Odd | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
Flower | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
Four Square | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
Drug & Tony | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
Doug & Talking | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
Gordon | 40X120 cm |16X47 In
Messiah | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
The Clock | 40X40 cm | 16X16 In
January | 80X80 cm | 31.5X31.5 In
Half | 45X30 cm | 18X12 In
Peppino & Vivyan | 60X75 cm | 23.6X30 In
Red balloon | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In
Sea or Land | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In
Shibli | 80X50 cm | 31X20 In
Hands up | 80X20 cm | 31X8 In
Alice | 40X120 cm | 16X47 In
Big Mama | 70X30 cm | 27.5X12 In
Good night | 80X20 cm | 31X8 In
4X4 | 80X80 cm | 31X31 In
Alexander & Rina | 100X100 cm | 39X39 In